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About us

The Terang & Mortlake Health Service was established on 1st November 1994, following the amalgamation of the Terang & District (Norah Cosgrave) Hospital and the Mortlake District Hospital.

The Terang Hospital Campus comprises 14 acute beds together with accommodation for 15 aged care residents.

A wide range of health care services are provided from the Terang Campus. In addition to care provided by the General Practitioners, there are specialists in Obstetrics, Geriatrics and General Surgery who visit Terang on a regular basis.

The Terang Social Centre was established in 1985, and provides a focus for a variety of community based services which are of assistance to disabled, injured and elderly patients. Construction of the Josie Black Community Health Centre, at the front of the original Social Centre, was completed in May 2006. The Josie Black Community Health Centre now provides a modern venue for the delivery of services formerly provided at the Terang Hospital and at the Living Well Centre. These include District Nursing Services, Diabetes Education, Health Promotion and Allied Health Services such as Podiatry, Speech Pathology, Dietetics, Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy.

The Terang and Tweddle Early Parenting day stay program began catering for the parenting needs of the South West in April 2001. The Terang Early Parenting Centre is operated in partnership with Tweddle Child and Family Health Services. The parenting centre provides a Day Program for families with babies and children up to 36 months old: education and help to manage parenting issues including feeding difficulties, unsettled/irritable infants, infant/toddler sleeping problems, uncertainty with parenting issues, challenging toddler behaviour, maternal exhaustion, and postnatal anxiety & depression.

The former Mortlake District Hospital, which was established in March 1922, has undergone a significant role change following the amalgamation. Bed based services at Mortlake were de-commissioned, effective from 1st November 1994. The Mortlake Community Health Centre now provides a range of primary care, allied health, chronic disease management and health promotion programs.